You need to understand that I have not started traveling yet!  I hope to be functional by June of this year.  This website was started before I decided to be a Travel Writer and so for now you will see a variety of information that eventually will be deleted from this site, so I encourage you to get very familiar with what is here now because you are going to click to come here one of these days and find a lot of the information here gone and no longer available as I customize this site for me as a Travel Writer.  I made a change today under the tab Pictures.  You can see where I'm going with that if you take a look.  I will eventually be organizing the pictures I'm taking by Island.  That will allow you to view them by island in case there is a particular island that you are interested in.  For example if you want to know what the Camotes Islands look like, I will have all the pictures I take of the Camotes Island under a tab with that name on it.  That means until I get to traveling to those island there are not going to be any organized pictures for the islands I have not been traveling too.  I have lived here already 15 years and I have already lived on more than 7 different islands but my pictures were more personal and so they were not being organized "by island."  So I have given you a link on the Picture Tab which is going to take you to my other Personal Website known as Life According To Randy.  There I'm going to store all the OLD personal pictures taken at my different homes where I lived and so you might see a picture in there from Negros or Leyte or Luzon and they will be all mixed up.  You might find looking at those pictures interested but they will be different in that I wasn't taking pictures FOR YOU at that time. 

Once I start Traveling with the Custom Solar Travel Cart which I created for this purpose, I will be taking pictures with you in mind.  There will still probably be pictures of people we meet along the way but it will be more Pictures of Features like Caves and Rivers and Waterfalls and different places that we visit.  My intent is to travel and sleep in the Custom made Solar Travel Cart but we might run into a resort here and there along the way that sees the benefits of having me take pictures of their resort and writing up a Review of their Resort to be place here in the website.  So the point is don't be surprised when you see changes here in the website.  They will all be made for your benefit!
I hope you will come back often and see and read and listen to my latest adventure.  I will be traveling extensively on the island of Luzon beginning in June of 2017. Islands to be visited in the future will include Bohol, Palawan, Panay, Negros, Cebu, The Camotes Islands, Mindoro, Leyte just to mention a few on my list of places to visit.

Every place I go I will take lots of pictures and I share as much of it with you as we can right here on this website. So come along with me and enjoy the sights and make My Last Great Adventure your adventure too. 

Feel free to contact me by email.  I love to hear from my followers.  I hope you enjoy this website and come back often!

Hi, my name is Randy Wilson & I am a Travel Writer. My specialty is the islands of the Philippines. This website is all about the Philippines. There are 7107 different islands that make up the Philippines and I am going to visit as many of them as I can. On this website I will share with you thousands of pictures and videos - articles and reviews of resorts, parks, rivers, caves, waterfalls and special places I visit so you can see what the Philippines is really like.  As you plan your trip or possible retirement to this beautiful country, I hope that I will be able to help you by sharing my experience with you.
The Philippine Travel Review
Kawasan Falls - Cebu Island