I hope you will come back often and see and read and listen to my latest adventure.  I will be traveling extensively on the island of Luzon beginning in June of 2019. Islands to be visited in the future will include Bohol, Palawan, Panay, Negros, Cebu, The Camotes Islands, Mindoro, Leyte, Luzon, Masbate  just to mention a few on my list of places to visit.

Every place I go we take lots of pictures and I will share as much of it with you as I can right here on this website. So come along with me and enjoy the sights and make My Last Great Adventure your adventure too. 

Until I start traveling and begin to add new material to this website I have packed it full of information that will take you plenty of time to review.  There are videos of my life over the last 16 years living here which you can enjoy and gleen a lot from.  There is a construction tab that you can view by the day a construction project and learn all about that as well. There are articles you can read now that are just general articles about different things I thought anyone thinking about coming here should know about. There is a link also to my other personal website where I have stored thousands of pictures I have already taken which you might want to review also.  So there is plenty for you to check out before I start adding more material to this website so just take your time and learn about the Philippines.

Feel free to contact me by email.  I love to hear from my followers.  I hope you enjoy this website and come back often!

Hi, my name is Randy Wilson & I am a Travel Writer. My specialty is the islands of the Philippines. This website is all about the Philippines. There are 7107 different islands that make up the Philippines and I are going to visit as many of them as I can. I have already lived on 10 different islands. On this website I will share with you thousands of pictures and videos - articles and reviews of resorts and special places we visit so you can see what the Philippines is really like.  As you plan your trip or possible retirement to this beautiful country, I hope that I will be able to help you by sharing my experience with you. I have built a custom Solar Travel Cart that will be my traveling motel room as I drive all over the Philippines.  I'm calling this My Last Great Adventure. 
The Philippine Travel Review
Kawasan Falls - Cebu Island